A conversation with George Bamford-Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches

Most people have welcomed you with open arms, but why do you think the watch world has been bashing BWD for so long?

To be honest, I don't know. I'm sure we've upset people, but never deliberately. From the beginning, the two business models we looked to for inspiration were Bentley and Nike iD, and I think we've got to the stage where our name is part of the bespoke watch game. Maybe we're growing too fast?

It took a driving force like Jean-Claude Biver to make Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches the compass needle move and I'm very happy with where we are in the business today. Jean-Claude opened the door for new contacts like Beretta. I've actually known Franco [Dr Franco Gussalli Beretta, president of the 500-year-old gun-making business] for five years, but it was amazing to have the opportunity to work with him. I was really excited when Bergeon forwarded a picture of BWD recently; it used to be very difficult to get them to provide tools to BWD.

I've reached out to a lot of amazing people who two or three years ago might have refused to work with me, but now we're all moving forward with our projects.

(From left) George Bamford, Julien Tornare,Breitling Navitimer fake Watches CEO of Zenith, and Jean-Claude Biver

Do you think other brands secretly like being “Bamfordised”?

I haven't even thought about it – I don't need to. To use a cliché, you're only as good as the next thing you do, the past is the past and I'm only interested in the next chapter. Until 2017, I launched two new things every year, but last year, I launched my own plum watch, introduced partnerships with Zenith, TAG Heuer and Bulgari, and Corum replica debuted a personalised service. Everything was a learning curve and I learned how to do things old and new. Later this year you will see what this opens up – 2017 was about what we did with the watches and 2018 will be about collaboration and what we can do together.

BWD is successful as an independent company, what will the partnership with LVMH bring us?